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I opened my email today and Tumblr told me “Jessika’s Ramblings” was 4 years old!!! Wow does time pass! So Happy Birthday to my Tumblr Blog, it also means that “Jessika Vegas” has been on the scene for four years too, even if I am MIA. I am only an email away, or FB post away. Ciao Bella enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

~ JV 2014

Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 2 of 5)


Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 2 of 5) by Michelle Tam

Who’s ready for another Paleo lunch idea? (If you missed yesterday’s box, read all about it, and also check out last year’s five-part series of packed lunches I made with Jackie Linder of LunchBots!).

Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 2 of 5) by Michelle Tam

In today’s LunchBots Duo, we’re packing breakfast for lunch: Prosciutto & Egg Roll-Ups, Mini Cinnamon Apple Scone, and Mixed Fruit Salad.

Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 2 of 5) by Michelle Tam

I know what you’re thinking: cold eggs?!? But these simple omelets make great wrappers, and they’re pretty darn good at room temp or cold. (I place an ice pack under my kids’ LunchBots.) In fact, Lil-O insists on eating his eggs cold, tamago-style (but sans sugar, soy, mirin, etc.). 

Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 2 of 5) by Michelle Tam

Silverware is optional, but your fruit salad should really be portioned into a silicone cup or a separate compartment to prevent any juices from running into the rest of your food. I know it all ends up in the same place eventually, but I HATE soggy food.

Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 2 of 5) by Michelle Tam

Wanna see how easy it is to put this lunch together?

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My Letter About #BBWFanFest2013

                                                                                                                                                                             August 9th, 2013



I want to thank everyone who attended #BBWFanFest2013. It is because of you the fans that we have this event, so thank you for coming out and showing your support. I do hope you had a great time and plan to return next year for another great event.


For the models, performers and vendors that signed up, I thank those that actually came and filled your booths. I know that you don’t get paid to do this event, but this a “trade show” type event. You get to mix and mingle with your fans and consumers to promote your site, brand, and other events that you are involved in. If you have items to sell you can do so at your booth, it can help to defray costs. Just remember this is a Social Networking Event for YOUR FANS.


I have heard at both years’ events from different models, when asking for volunteers for things, "What’s in it for me?"  Well, let’s see. The opportunity to have one on one time with Fans in a safe environment, to build a broader fan base, promote your brand, and possibly make some friends? I for one, as a former cam star would like to think that my presences means more to my fans and makes a huge impact in future marketing. 


Yes, I know money is important, but it isn’t always everything. There has to be a balance in all that you do in business. Starting with your product or Brand; you need to promote it, which includes Marketing, Social Media, E-Mails, and even interactions with Fans. That is what great events like this are about. This one just happens to be for us, BBW’s!! Let’s make next year’s event an even better one, my hope is that everything single BBW in the industry takes this opportunity to safely meet their fans in one place, Las Vegas, (where the fans can even wine and dine you!!) as well Network with other models and shoot trade content. 


So when I ask you next time to volunteer for something, just remember how much it could help out your business/Brand in the future, not what it can do NOW at this minute.



Hope to see you all again next year!


Jessika Vegas                        

Jessika Vegas:

          I’ll be there with my ears on!!! Hope to see all of you there as well!!


Join the The Curvacious Bounty of Sin City at the Hefs & Bunnies Party during BBW FanFest July 26th! The “Fuck Often Jar” and a super basket of goodies for give-a-way! BBW Adult entertainers dressed as bunnies… C’mon now…. why wouldn’t you want to come? Mention “SinCityBounty” at the door and get 2 for 1 entry!

A little goes a long way!!

This week is #BBWFanFest2013. I am super excited. 

I officially Started Vacation TODAY! I have so much to do. 

This show is for you Fans. To come meet, mix and mingle, and for the VIP’s to party with your favorite BBW Porn Stars/Adult Web Models in the Industry. We are working, for free. We have worked HARD just to be able to get to Vegas (not me, I live here), saved money for Hotel fees, food, and looking good. 

The Coordinators- Kari and Desiree have put up the cost of FanFest up front, hoping that in the end it all washes.

Their Manager- Me is working the Event for free, being on the Floor for all the Models during the Trade Show. Plus I am the VIP Hostess for some Special Guests coming in.  

The Models- Are there on their own dime, working to promote their businesses, events, and hopefully sell some of their merchandise.

I am hoping that you as fans will come to YOUR trade show, with a better understanding of what we really do.

I had a follower post on my FB page the other day, that the girls were “Gold DIggers”. That really irritated me. How is it that these girls can go and do all the work they do, SOME fans ask and beg for it for free, but when the girls ask for you to buy something from their BUSINESS or maybe a drink for a few minutes of their time and a photo, they are Gold Digging Whores?

For those of you who work everyday, how would like it if people wanted your time, services, etc for free all the time? Then when you asked for a small token of appreciation, donation, or purchase of a product you make, they called you an Asshole for being Greedy?

Yes Double standards suck…

A little kindness, thought and intelligence goes a long way people.

Fan Fest is doing a Drink Program for ALL THE Girls of the EVENT. 

Gift your favorite Model, Performer, Coordinator, Manager with a drink. $20 donation gets them 2 drinks and a personalize note from you. Ensure they get it by putting their name on it. Sign it, never know you may get a nice email from her!!

If you would like to help me out Personnally, so I can make sure I can entertain everyone without any worries please leave a donation here:

Let Jessika Not Worry About #FANFEST

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